The Biomedical & Multimedia Information Technology – Global Research Network (BMIT-GRN) Workshop provides a unique platform for attendees to discuss research, clinical, and industry opportunities and challenges in biomedical & multimedia information technology, and to discuss how people can work together to take these opportunities and to address these challenges with significant scientific innovation and social impact. Your presentations should provide enough comprehensive information to let the others to know what you cutting research and research directions, and possibly to introduce your research group, to facilitate mutual understanding and future collaborations, including, but not limited to, the areas of translation medicine, imaging and health care.
The 2017 BMIT-GRN was held at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China on May 25-26, 2017. The workshop was organised by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), in conjunction with the University of Sydney (USYD), co-organised by the Northwestern Polytechnical University and Beijing University of Technology. More than 50 people attended the workshop. Professor David Feng gave the opening remarks. Professor Michael Fulham gave the plenary presentation followed by six keynote presentations given by Yanning Zhang, Li Zhuo, Jinman Kim, Yu Yuan, Fuhui Long, Zheru Chi. Workshop received great support from local organising committee member Ms Lily Zhaoying Feng.

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